Maulden Wood Sunday, 4 Dec 2016
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Organiser's Comments

A belated thank you to all who donated their maps, when we ran short on the Blue, Light Green and Short Green courses.

A lovely day at Maulden gave us minimal mud and a record turn out with lots of happy orienteers. Welcome to the many newcomers- we hope you enjoyed your courses and will come back to enjoy more ' grown up treasure hunting' as somebody described it today. I have gained a compass so if anybody has lost one, please get in contact. Otherwise, as always, thanks very much to the willing band of WAOC volunteers without whom the event would struggle to run. Thanks also to the two Mike's for their excellent planning and controlling.

Helen Hague (WAOC)

Planner's Comments

Maulden has some runnable forest and some good contours but not always in the same place. I tried to make courses interesting by having short legs off path. We built three hides to enable this where suitable control sites were absent. Hopefully we kept people out of the worst of the brambles and the mud was at least partly frozen. Shorter courses are problematic because the area where the start and finish are most convenient is not suitable for off-path running. I don't think long walks to the start and finish are likely to be popular in this sort of level C event. The success of the courses depended on good advice from the controller, Mike Edwards, for which I am very grateful.

Mike Bickle (WAOC)



8.53km 85 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tim Harrison SUFFOC M18 66:41
2nd David Cavero SMOC M21 68:26
3rd Brian Cowe WAOC M40 71:12
4th Duncan Harrison SOS M45 72:26
5th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 76:25
6th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 76:34
7th Gjermund Vingerhagen WAOC M35 76:46
8th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 82:50
9th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M35 82:51
10th Jose Cavero SMOC M35 83:17
11th Howard Waller TVOC M50 87:06
12th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 88:12
13th Chris Poole RAFO M55 89:46
14th Hugh Hurley SLOW M21 90:45
15th Mick Smith HH M65 92:31
16th Jo Hurley SLOW W21 92:46
17th Robin Bishop TVOC M45 93:20
Par Time 100:02 - winner's time + 50%
18th Ella Gilbert NOR W18 105:42
19th Neil Brough IND M35 108:47
20th Simon Poole RAFO M21 110:19
21st Adrian Moseley RAFO M45 111:29
22nd Robert Baptista RAFO M35 120:24
23rd David Shakespeare SMOC M50 124:58
mp Neville Baker TVOC M60 96:03
mp Adrian Copp IND M45 170:13



6.46km 65 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Samuel Fielding HH M18 43:16
2nd Mark Adams HH M50 53:04
3rd Yordan Kolev TVOC M21 53:51
4th Simon Errington HH M50 54:39
5th David Frampton HH M45 55:08
6th Chris Young HH M21 57:36
7th Kevin Fielding HH M45 59:02
8th Rini Hoogkamer NOR M55 60:44
9th Sian Mitchell HH W35 62:37
10th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 63:02
11th Mark Collins DFOK M55 63:24
12th Peter Warland SOS M50 64:00
13th Ian Wilson LEI M50 64:40
14th Stefan Peykov TVOC M50 65:23
15th Richard Pownall SMOC M55 67:51
16th Jacob Sharpe HH M40 68:51
17th Dan Findlay-Robinson SLOW M35 68:57
18th Jim Prowting TVOC M70 69:40
19th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 69:48
20th Philip Hague WAOC M45 71:18
21st Jon Chandler LOK M45 72:27
22nd Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 72:47
23rd Ruth Vingerhagen WAOC W21 72:48
24th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 73:37
25th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 74:22
26th Stu Levene HH M45 74:31
27th Ed Jones SMOC M45 75:05
28th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 75:51
29th Ian Byrne SMOC M55 78:28
30th Adam Leaf HH M50 78:48
Par Time 78:48 - 50% of starters
31st Peter Woods WAOC M55 79:24
32nd Robin Bourne WAOC M50 79:24
33rd Robert McNab RAFO M50 79:57
34th Dorien James SMOC M55 80:08
35th Joanne Nell RAFO W50 80:51
36th Dawn Figg HH W45 81:25
37th Kevin Parkes HH M55 82:08
38th David Allard HH M21 82:27
39th Freya Askham SMOC W40 82:47
40th David Newman IND M60 84:36
41st Daniel Figg HH M18 87:11
42nd Michael Nell RAFO M65 87:54
43rd Helen Bickle WAOC W21 88:13
44th Tony Harden HH M50 88:58
45th Mark Brockway IND M21 88:59
46th Bruce Marshall WAOC M60 89:05
47th Chris Bienemann IND M21 90:02
48th Laura Bayne HH W16 90:36
49th Alwyn Challacombe HH M65 94:00
50th Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W55 96:13
51st David Heale HH M45 96:21
52nd Ann Mills SOS W40 96:31
53rd Roger Moulding HH M70 98:07
54th Peter Riches TVOC M65 101:48
55th Mark Glover SMOC M35 103:17
56th Rakesh Chandraker WAOC M50 103:59
57th Catherine Galvin LOK W50 108:42
58th Fiona Tam SLOW W21 109:01
59th David Humphrey WAOC M50 113:56
60th Gareth Nunn IND M35 134:41



4.59km 65 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alan Rosen HH M60 41:02
2nd Sarah Gales TVOC W21 41:48
3rd Mike Bennett HH M60 43:20
4th Richard Windsor LEI M50 44:17
5th Neil Humphries WAOC M55 44:58
6th Helen Errington HH W55 46:43
7th John Chappell TVOC M65 47:38
8th Hedley Calderbank HH M65 50:47
9th Peter Duthie WAOC M55 51:15
10th Janet Rosen HH W60 51:26
11th Bob Hill RAFO M60 52:36
12th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 52:43
13th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 53:22
14th Alice Hodkinson WAOC W45 53:37
15th Hugh Lachlan LEI M50 54:05
16th Ian Smith WAOC M60 54:14
17th Kevin Hopkins SMOC M50 55:44
18th Mike Hampton OD M70 55:45
19th Jakob Petersen CHIG M45 56:09
20th Rob Askham SMOC M40 57:06
21st Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W18 57:58
22nd David Schroeder WAOC M40 58:31
23rd Janet Cronk WAOC W55 60:10
24th Eliza Hermann HH W55 62:05
25th Ray Curtis CHIG M60 62:41
26th Camilla Darwin WAOC W45 63:10
27th Paul Beckett HAVOC M55 63:17
Par Time 63:17 - 50% of starters
28th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 64:27
29th John Duffield HH M65 64:42
30th Mark Thompson TVOC M60 64:50
31st Chris Burgues HAVOC M60 65:38
32nd Charles Taylor-Keane SMOC M60 66:14
33rd Emma Morum SOS W21 66:32
34th Helen Nisbet SMOC W55 66:49
35th Todd C. Rae SMOC M50 69:36
36th Julie Collins DFOK W55 70:25
37th David Garbett IND M21 71:10
38th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 73:09
39th Irene Petersen CHIG W50 80:57
40th Sue Woods WAOC W55 81:03
41st Jane Breed HH W60 81:18
42nd Barbara Beckett HAVOC W60 83:36
43rd Tony Biggs HAVOC M65 91:16
44th Maria Marshall WAOC W60 95:05
45th Chris Page WAOC M65 95:44
46th Barbara Page HH W45 100:12
47th Penny Parkes HH W55 101:13
48th Ron Oxburgh WAOC M80 135:52
mp Paul Langston HH M60 53:30
mp Mark Salmon SMOC M45 61:49
mp Barry Breed HH M70 62:46
mp Debbie Charlton SMOC W55 64:22
mp Ceri Renouf SOS W45 90:41

Short Green


2.64km 45 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Richard Freeman HH M50 22:57
2nd Steve Hardy SMOC M60 23:18
3rd John Russell SOS M75 32:45
4th John Mills SOS M40 33:01
5th Stuart Ellis IND M50 36:22
6th Chris Morley WAOC M75 38:28
7th John Harris WAOC M70 42:48
8th Alison Cowe WAOC W40 42:52
9th Alison Curtis CHIG W60 44:32
Par Time 44:32 - 50% of starters
10th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 51:18
11th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 54:07
12th Anne Power LOK W80 55:03
13th Jenny Hunt WAOC W35 56:15
14th Ros James SMOC W55 57:09
15th Geraldine Russell SOS W70 62:37
16th Philip Young HH M60 64:15
17th Diane Goodwin IND W21 78:50
18th Colin Curtis WAOC M80 104:36

Light Green


3.53km 50 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alex Fielding HH M14 33:18
2nd William Chandler LOK M14 40:48
3rd Emile Zsak WAOC M14 41:51
4th James Righetti IND M21 42:48
5th Matthew Harden HH M16 43:25
6th Phillippa Murphy IND W40 45:36
7th Francesca Bayne HH W14 46:54
8th Hannah Freeman HH W14 55:08
9th Edward Low WAOC M14 55:45
10th Kirsty Burnham RAFO W40 57:31
11th Matthew Guest IND M21 58:10
12th Peter Lund WAOC M55 66:40
Par Time 66:40 - 50% of starters
13th Hannah McNab RAFO W20 95:21
14th Tara McNab IND W21 95:57
15th Thomas Burke IND M14 103:05
16th Karllum Augustine IND M14 103:16
17th Marcus Lukk IND M35 103:20
18th Dylan Starkey IND M10 121:59
19th Jaevyn Bermudez IND M11 123:09
20th Zarah Meriez IND W16 212:12
mp Daniel Hague WAOC M14 60:42
mp Alison Barry IND W45 117:04
mp Sally & Dennis Cannon IND 117:12



2.81km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tegan Frampton HH W12 34:31
2nd Karen Vines SMOC W45 37:15
3rd Caitlin Dunning WAOC W16 39:42
4th Stuart Ellis HH M50 40:06
5th Patrick Thouroude WAOC M50 43:35
6th Steve Fulton IND M45 43:36
7th Milly Askham SMOC W12 45:06
8th Hayley Bidgood RAF1406 W16 48:04
Par Time 51:47 - winner's time + 50%
9th Priscilla Chen-Chandler LOK W45 62:16
10th Cerys Mitchell HH W8 63:27
11th Jack Dunning WAOC M12 65:47
12th Katie Mowatt RAF1406 W18 70:17
mp Eleanor Low WAOC W12 53:37
mp Josh Pickersgill RAF1406 M16 63:17



2.58km 20 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W12 36:21
2nd Alfie Coupland RAF1406 M12 38:49
3rd Dale Morum SOS M10 38:52
4th Nathan Ward RAF1406 M12 38:52
5th Dylan Knight RAF1406 M16 40:00
6th Harvey Thompson RAF1406 M14 40:03
7th Jemima Borrill WAOC W12 42:11
8th Hebe Darwin WAOC W10 43:44
Par Time 54:32 - winner's time + 50%
nc Magnus Burt (2nd run) WAOC M10 44:27
9th Kieran Palmby RAF1406 M14 63:06
10th Sophie Reeve RAF1406 W14 63:51
11th Chloe Marden RAF1406 W16 66:28



1.64km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Magnus Burt WAOC M10 13:41
2nd Richard Askham SMOC M10 15:39
3rd Alexander Darwin WAOC M10 16:25
4th Isaac Rosewell + 1 IND M5 17:44
5th Alfred Schroeder WAOC M3 38:19
6th Robert Schroeder WAOC M5 38:21
7th Emma Rosewell + 1 IND W4 38:48
Par Time 38:48 - all finishers