Thetford Warren - Icenian Weekend Day 2 Sunday, 5 Feb 2017
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Organiser's Comments

The results now include all finishers . This includes about a dozen who were not able to wait to download while we fixed the hardware problems which cropped up on the day.
For these people, we have assumed you punched correctly and we have enstated a race time based on the start and finish times read from the start and finish units. Your splits are fabricated, and should be ignored.
Otherwise we believe the results are correct.
Comments and further information will follow.
If you have any comments on the results, please email entries AT



10.1km 90 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Edward Catmur SLOW M35 60:52
2nd Paul Pruzina CUOC M20 61:39
3rd Finn Lydon LEI M18 62:52
4th Tim Harrison SUFFOC M18 63:35
5th Pavel Prochazka BKO M21 64:41
6th Neil Rosewell SUFFOC M40 66:58
7th Sean Blanchflower WAOC M40 75:42
8th Daniel Safka DRONGO M21 76:02
9th Sam Giles RAFO M21 77:08
10th Simon Errington HH M50 80:28
11th Gjermund Vingerhagen WAOC M35 86:00
12th Bert Park SUFFOC M50 88:49
13th Pieter De Koning WAOC M45 90:40
Par Time 91:18 - winner's time + 50%
14th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 93:45
15th Thomas Evans RAFO M21 93:48
16th Neil Carter SUFFOC M40 94:31
17th James Alger NOR M45 99:50
18th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 101:11
19th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 102:52
20th Colin Swallow SN M60 111:33
21st Helen Lloyd NOR W55 111:34
22nd Daniel Cowley NOR M35 113:33
mp Laurence Ball NOR M21 56:26
mp Mark Collins DFOK M55 85:44



6.6km 60 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Campbell WAOC M50 41:04
2nd Angus Harrington HH M16 45:51
3rd Chris Hooker SO M55 47:34
4th Andrew Henderson WAOC M50 49:46
5th Ian Ditchfield MV M60 50:23
6th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 51:18
7th Andy Emmerson OD M60 51:53
8th Ella Gilbert NOR W20 53:16
9th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 54:06
10th Martin Wilson BKO M70 54:34
11th Richard Bonnett SOS M60 54:48
nc Peter Warland SOS M50 54:53
12th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 55:44
13th Katerina Skarkova NOR W18 56:38
14th Brian Johnson WIM M65 56:45
15th Ben Cowley NOR M21 57:08
16th Nigel Lydon LEI M50 57:14
17th Mike Jones SMOC M60 57:53
18th Daisy Partridge SOS W18 57:57
19th Sam Parkinson SUFFOC M18 58:37
20th Lizzie Rosewell SUFFOC W35 60:49
21st Nicholas Pugh SOS M65 60:50
22nd Jill Blount SO W55 61:26
23rd Andrew Gayford NOR M35 61:57
24th Tom Edelsten CHIG M70 62:30
25th Peter Woods WAOC M60 62:50
26th Robin Bourne WAOC M55 62:57
27th Stu Levene HH M45 62:59
28th Jim Prowting TVOC M70 63:01
29th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 63:01
30th Philip Bartram NOR M45 63:26
31st Paul Price NOR M50 63:28
32nd Mick Smith HH M65 63:46
33rd Alan Spidy NOR M50 64:10
Par Time 64:10 - 50% of starters
34th Paul Goldsworthy NOR M50 65:13
35th Ian Shephard NOR M65 65:29
36th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 65:40
37th Rebecca Dal Bon SLOW W21 66:00
38th Ian Lonsdale BAOC M60 66:14
39th Paul Fox SN M55 66:15
40th John Duffield HH M70 66:29
41st Andy Robinson SLOW M60 67:12
42nd Robert McNab RAFO M55 67:36
43rd Helen Errington HH W55 68:14
44th Andrea Rebora SLOW M45 68:25
45th Andrew Welsh HAVOC M60 70:11
46th John Van Rooyen SAX M65 70:27
47th Raffaella Marin SLOW W50 70:43
48th Peter Duthie WAOC M55 70:53
49th Ian Byrne SMOC M60 71:10
50th Peter Waldron NOR M60 71:10
51st Ian Hylton BKO M45 72:34
52nd Phil Marsland SLOW M50 73:24
53rd Ruth Vingerhagen WAOC W21 73:25
54th Edmund Ward IND M35 73:34
55th Rinat Akhmetov BOF M21 73:40
56th Jill Emmerson OD W50 76:05
57th Martin Sellens SOS M65 76:35
58th Gillian Hanson HH W50 76:52
59th Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 85:03
60th Kevin Parkes HH M55 87:45
61st Helen Bickle WAOC W35 87:50
62nd Dean Blackburn NOR M45 96:40
63rd Bryony Morgan IND W35 113:42
64th Hamish Pritchard IND M40 113:48
mp Katie Renouf+ Ceri Renouf IND W14 123:42



4.7km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Price NOR M14 35:34
2nd Archie Read SUFFOC M18 38:55
3rd Rod Harrington DFOK M50 41:40
4th Tim Pribul CHIG M65 41:48
5th Chloë Cracknell SUFFOC W16 42:05
6th William Bartram NOR M14 42:31
7th Gerard Winn IND M45 42:35
8th Julia Jarvis SO W45 44:34
9th Chris Shaw HAVOC M65 44:36
10th Jacqueline Heybrock IND W21 45:11
11th Owen Warnock NOR M60 45:21
12th Janet Cronk WAOC W60 45:48
13th Garry Parmenter HAVOC M70 45:51
14th Andrew Graham BKO M60 45:59
15th Edwin Banks SOS M65 46:08
16th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 46:14
17th Katharine Bartram NOR W45 46:35
18th Ben Hammond SUFFOC M18 46:42
19th Camilla Darwin WAOC W45 47:23
20th Grasty Lawrence IND M55 48:24
21st Peter Heybrock IND M60 48:40
22nd Peter Gay SUFFOC M75 49:05
23rd Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W20 49:37
24th Kim Eden NOR W60 51:13
25th Sue Woods WAOC W60 51:26
26th Mark Fowler NOR M45 52:16
27th Sushruta Chandraker WAOC W21 53:07
28th Ray Curtis CHIG M60 54:19
29th Hilary Sellens SOS W60 54:30
Par Time 54:30 - 50% of starters
30th Stephen Nobbs NOR M60 55:16
31st Ian Smith WAOC M60 55:20
32nd John Collyer SOS M70 56:31
33rd Hayley Collins DFOK W21 57:25
34th Laurie Rudling NOR M65 57:25
35th Julie Collins DFOK W55 57:40
36th Peter Ryall WAOC M65 59:35
37th Gill Sharp SN W55 61:21
38th Bill Griffiths EBOR M65 62:11
39th Ruth Rhodes SO W75 64:19
40th Jamie Austin NOR M35 64:33
41st Noreen Ives WAOC W60 65:37
42nd Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 65:47
43rd Helen Hague WAOC W45 66:06
44th Karen Goldsworthy NOR W50 69:21
45th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 69:35
46th Alison Cowe WAOC W45 70:12
47th Nicky Nicholls NOR W50 70:13
48th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 72:16
49th Ian Wilson SAX M65 74:24
50th Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 74:37
51st Janet Biggs HAVOC W60 75:07
52nd Rishi Patel IND M21 83:45
53rd Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 88:04
54th Paul Garton NOR M65 99:11
55th Penny Parkes HH W60 115:00
mp Mick Liston NOR M65 9:21
mp Samuel Ferguson IND M12 87:11

Short Green


3.7km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Steve Jarvis SO M50 30:30
2nd Max Harrold SUFFOC M20 31:13
3rd Philippa Murphy IND W40 33:22
4th Sam Gilder SUFFOC M18 36:55
5th Ann Mills SOS W45 41:03
6th Sue Hands WIM W65 41:59
7th Samantha Hughes WAOC W40 43:04
8th Richard Hammond SUFFOC M55 43:50
9th Viktor Leonov IND M21 45:53
10th John Evans DEE M75 46:30
11th Nailya Dawson IND W21 46:42
12th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 49:47
13th Jenny Collyer SOS W70 51:36
14th Christine Robinson SLOW W60 53:16
Par Time 53:16 - 50% of starters
15th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 53:22
16th Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 55:06
17th Sharon Warland SOS W50 55:23
18th John Harris WAOC M70 56:12
19th Oliver Hague WAOC M18 56:41
20th Charlotte Cheetham RAFO W55 56:42
21st Barbara George NOR W80 57:25
22nd Hazel Bickle WAOC W65 58:43
23rd Peter Allen WAOC M65 58:50
24th John Webb SUFFOC M80 60:52
25th Alan Bedder NOR M75 66:17
26th Ruby Campbell CHIG W80 67:15
27th Patricia Bedder NOR W70 70:40

Very Short Green


2.9km 20 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alison Curtis CHIG W60 54:19
2nd Ray Horne IND M60 68:17
3rd Manuelle Clavel IND W21 81:13
Par Time 81:29 - winner's time + 50%

Light Green


3.5km 25 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Hague WAOC M14 37:39
2nd Rutger Grisel IND M21 44:57
3rd Emile Zsák WAOC M14 48:46
4th Isobel DFOK W50 49:59
5th Sam Hague WAOC M16 51:23
6th Lucy Warland SOS W14 52:14
7th Peter Lund WAOC M55 54:56
Par Time 56:29 - winner's time + 50%
8th Andy Gass IND M70 67:56
9th Karen Heybrock IND W55 69:46
10th Julie Price + David Cannell NOR W50 71:06
11th Peter Bates IND M60 102:37
12th Brian Beckett IND M30 116:55
mp Graham Davenport IND M50 49:52



3.1km 15 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alex Winn IND M12 32:16
2nd Jack Hammond SUFFOC M14 35:07
3rd Clare Clark SUFFOC W45 44:35
4th Craig Carter+1 SUFFOC M12 45:27
5th Maisie Alger NOR W16 45:44
6th Alison Cracknell SUFFOC W50 45:59
7th Benjamin Clarke SUFFOC M12 59:19
8th Ben Partridge SOS M12 60:25
Par Time 60:25 - 50% of starters
9th John & Sue Hartley WAOC M60 69:19
10th Keziah Bailey NOR W12 71:11
11th Erica Fox WAOC W14 71:28
12th Louise Denby NOR W50 79:36
13th Aileen Butler SUFFOC W65 82:08
14th Manda McNab RAFO W50 94:54
mp,nc Samuel Ferguson (2nd run) IND M12 32:34
mp Ilona Winn IND M16 81:08



2.2km 5 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matteo Rebora SLOW M10 23:49
2nd Andrew De Koning WAOC M10 24:45
3rd Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W14 29:53
4th Magnus Burt WAOC M10 30:37
5th Hebe Darwin WAOC W10 31:35
Par Time 35:44 - winner's time + 50%
6th Huseyn Mammade IND W40 50:39
7th Ryan Carter+1 SUFFOC M10 53:55
nc Stevie Harrison (2nd run) IND W21 67:57



1.7km 5 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alex Darwin WAOC M10 14:05
2nd Seren Davies IND W4 15:40
3rd James Clarke SUFFOC M10 23:31
4th Hugo Ward IND M3 30:28
5th Emma and Isaac Rosewell SUFFOC M10 34:09
6th Stevie Harrison IND W21 34:34
Par Time 34:34 - all finishers