Fen Ditton Score Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

Organiser's Comments

Thanks for coming along to Fen Ditton on a blustery evening.
Apologies for a couple of typos on the lamppost clues.
A couple of people answered 6 to the "How many swings in circle?" instead of 5. The question
was meant to refer to swings joined together in a pentagon (but I couldn't say pentagon for
obvious reasons!). There was another swing some distance away, so I assume the
question was interpreted as "swings in control circle" rather than a physical ring of swings. I've allowed both answers.

If you'd like to see the (corrected) map and answers, click here for event 59392efb30241 in OpenOrienteering map.

45 minutes

Lily Alger44:332000200
Manuelle Clavel44:061300130
Jenny Hunt42:301200120
Helen Hague39:3880080
Hayley Howard45:32802060

60 minutes

Iain Stemp55:363000300
Pavel P49:122600260
Emma Crickmore57:492500250
Helen Bickle58:292300230
Lindsay Malone53:352100210