Mildenhall South Sunday, 19 Nov 2017
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Organiser's Comments

We hope you enjoyed your runs in the sun at Mildenhall South. If you have any comments or queries on the provisional results please email: convener at

We did run short of maps unexpectedly on the Light Green course, and we would like to thank once again those of you who handed in their maps so they could be re-used.



6.4km 35 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ben Windsor DRONGO M21 31:37
2nd Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M20 44:23
3rd James Price NOR M14 47:21
4th John Ward NOR M45 48:13
5th Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 50:21
6th Thomas Bartram NOR M16 51:18
7th Jonathan Gilbert NOR M55 51:39
8th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 52:12
9th Robin Bourne WAOC M55 52:51
10th Daniel Cowley NOR M35 52:55
11th Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M45 52:57
12th Rod Mansel SUFFOC M55 53:22
13th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 53:34
14th Zuzka Strakova DRONGO W21 55:31
15th Graham Louth WAOC M55 56:35
16th Bert Park SUFFOC M50 56:49
17th Tanya Taylor LOG W45 57:33
18th Roger Parker NOR M60 57:45
Par Time 57:45 - 50% of starters
19th Philip Bartram NOR M45 57:59
20th Paul Price NOR M50 58:18
21st Alan Spidy NOR M50 58:49
22nd David Vinsen NOR M50 58:54
23rd David Cronk WAOC M55 60:35
24th Rini Hoogkamer NOR M55 61:25
25th Neil Carter SUFFOC M40 61:55
26th Penny Bickle EBOR W35 62:35
27th Philip Hague WAOC M45 63:31
28th Ian Shephard NOR M65 65:51
29th Philip Brown NOR M60 66:15
30th Ken Warren DEVON M55 66:45
31st Philip Halford SUFFOC M60 68:20
32nd Peter Woods WAOC M60 69:49
33rd Bruce Marshall WAOC M65 70:27
34th Stuart Hatfield IND M35 74:47
35th Emily Pineda-Sampson NOR W21 76:43
mp Goy Roper & Tracey Curl IND M55 59:40



5.35km 30 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robert Campbell WAOC M50 33:55
2nd Luke Fisher CUOC M20 35:30
3rd Peter Warland SOS M50 42:13
4th Jason Dunning WAOC M40 47:44
5th Peter Carlill NOR M55 50:02
6th William Bartram NOR M14 50:25
7th Mick Liston NOR M65 50:46
8th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W50 54:11
9th Peter Duthie WAOC M55 56:14
10th Curl-Roper Family IND 57:14
11th Paul Butt SUFFOC M50 57:16
12th Chris Brown WAOC M65 57:37
13th Mark Glover SMOC M35 57:50
14th Janet Cronk WAOC W60 58:17
15th Jeff Baker LOG M65 58:51
16th Helen Bickle WAOC W35 59:59
17th Simon Hooton SUFFOC M60 60:05
18th David Ball NOR M70 60:32
19th Fergus Stirling NOR M55 61:04
20th Julia Baldwin SUFFOC W45 61:21
21st Katharine Bartram NOR W45 61:38
22nd Sue Woods WAOC W60 62:38
23rd Hilary Larwood IND W21 64:37
24th Daniel Hague WAOC M14 65:07
Par Time 65:07 - 50% of starters
25th Ian Smith WAOC M60 67:17
26th Ann Harris SMOC W60 69:49
27th John Ward OD M70 69:53
28th David Schroeder WAOC M45 70:04
29th Emily Jackman NOR W18 70:45
30th Nita Jackman NOR W40 73:13
31st Jamie Austin-Mills NOR M35 74:20
32nd Chris Morley WAOC M75 77:16
33rd Duncan Harrison SOS M45 77:25
34th Ceri Renouf SOS W45 78:22
35th Rachel Thomas SMOC W60 80:07
36th Paul Lowe SUFFOC M55 80:45
37th Rodney Freeburn NOR M75 81:03
38th Colin Butler SUFFOC M65 84:13
39th Hazel Bickle WAOC W65 89:30
40th Anthony Biggs HAVOC M65 91:25
41st Maria Marshall WAOC W65 99:08
42nd Chris Gay SUFFOC W65 103:53
43rd Margaret Moody SUFFOC W50 106:33
44th Paul Hill WAOC M65 109:22
45th Chris Page WAOC M65 109:31
46th Sue Stirling NOR W50 120:23
mp Rob Jackman NOR M40 60:17
mp Shona Fairchild NOR W60 84:16



2.99km 15 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st FS Harry Wareham-Kirk RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M18 24:18
2nd Luke Milano IND M21 26:59
3rd Cpl Lewis Jackson RAFO 22 (SANDY) M18 32:27
4th Cdt Max Bartlett RAFO 2523 (Linton) M18 33:09
5th Sgt Rory McGowan RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M18 36:48
6th Sgt William Sharpe RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M18 40:39
7th Cdt Leonidas Newcater RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) M18 44:21
8th Patrick Thouroude WAOC M55 46:47
9th Cdt Joe Bryan RAFO 22 (SANDY) M16 46:54
10th Cpl Aiden Brown RAFO 1094 (ELY) M18 53:06
11th Kate & Emma Jarrett 2nd run IND W8 54:57
Par Time 54:57 - 50% of starters
12th Roderick Black IND M10 89:19
13th TJ Blum IND M10 89:34
14th Charles Black IND M10 90:21
15th Jordan Yates IND M10 90:47
mp Sgt Alex Leng RAFO 207 (CRANFIELD) M18 30:54
mp Cpl Leon Obi RAFO 22 M18 31:29
mp Cdt Maliha Khan RAFO 1985 (FLITWICK) W18 34:15
mp CWO Katie Mowatt RAFO 1220 (MARCH) W18 39:34
mp Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W14 44:18
mp Cdt Benjamin Hipkin RAFO 207 (CRANFIELD) M18 63:44
mp Cpl Chloe Cowell RAFO 1985 (FLITWICK) W18 64:49



2.22km 10 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Cdt Michael Burgess RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 10:27
2nd Cdt Elliot Bierton RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 13:32
3rd Cpl Samual Harrison RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 14:12
4th Sgt James Prentice RAFO 22 (SANDY) M16 14:20
5th Cdt Delford Elevique RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) M16 14:44
6th Cdt Cameron Ball RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 15:08
7th Cdt Cameron Hudson RAFO 1094 (Ely) M16 15:13
8th Cdt Loius Pybus RAFO 2523 (Linton) M16 15:32
9th Cdt Dylan Knight RAFO 2331 (St Ives) M16 17:04
10th Cdt Toby McDonald RAFO 1094 (Ely) M16 18:20
11th Cdt Joshua Murray RAFO 2523 (Linton) M16 19:45
12th Cpl Abby Bierton RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W16 19:58
13th Cdt Lewis Jenkins RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) M16 20:41
14th Cdt Simran Rai RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 21:28
15th Cdt Abigail Saunders RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W16 22:25
16th Cdt Dilbar Rai RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 22:37
17th Cdt Aaliyah Jalil RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) W16 23:30
18th Cdt Blaire Duff RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) W16 23:38
19th Charles Black IND M11 24:44
20th Cdt Felicity Allcock RAFO 1220 (March) W16 25:19
21st Cdt Alexander Groves RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 25:28
22nd Cdt Christian Bell RAFO 22 (Sandy) M16 25:28
23rd Cdt Nimin Vivian RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 25:30
24th Cdt Josh Wait RAFO 1406 (Spalding) M16 26:05
25th Cdt Ryan Forcucci RAFO 51 (Orton) M16 26:14
26th Cdt Zachary Newcater RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) M16 26:39
27th Cdt Riya Shaji RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 26:56
28th Cdt Adam Cowell RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 27:20
29th Cdt Harrison Erbe RAFO 51 (Orton) M16 28:09
30th Jordan Yates + 1 IND M11 28:20
31st Cdt Isabel Stimson RAFO 1220 (March) W16 28:59
32nd Cdt James Matthews RAFO 2331 (St Ives) M16 29:26
Par Time 29:26 - 50% of starters
33rd Cdt Adam Stefanelli RAFO 1985 (FLITWICK) M16 29:42
34th Roderick Black IND M11 30:13
35th Jemima Borrill WAOC W12 30:26
36th TJ Blum IND M10 30:35
37th Cdt Nathan Ward RAFO 1406 (Spalding) M16 31:04
38th Cdt Chad Hudson RAFO 1406 (Spalding) M16 32:21
39th Cdt Sophie Reeve RAFO 1220 (March) W16 32:40
40th Cdt Hayden Williams RAFO 1985 (Flitwick) M16 33:00
41st Cdt Amelia Cornell RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) W16 33:08
42nd Emma & Kate Jarrett IND W8 33:25
43rd Cdt Matthew Richardson RAFO 2331 (St Ives) M16 33:38
44th Cdt Charlotte Keetley RAFO 22 (SANDY) W16 33:48
45th Cpl Sara Sloot RAFO 2523 (Linton) W16 34:17
46th Cpl Bronwyn Ellis RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) W16 34:47
47th Paul Fegarty WAOC M55 35:28
48th Cdt Steven Moss RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) M16 36:48
49th Cdt Connor Braeger RAFO 22 (SANDY) M16 37:22
50th Cdt Angelo Ahito RAFO 1220 (March) M16 38:27
51st Cdt Courtney Vest RAFO 10F (Luton Airport) W16 38:29
52nd Cdt Brooke Lindsay RAFO 1406 (Spalding) W16 39:43
53rd Robert Schroeder WAOC M5 44:56
54th Cdt Maddison Naylor RAFO 10F (LUTON AIRPORT) W16 46:21
55th Cdt Aiden Denty RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 50:10
56th Cdt Kane Cooper RAFO 1451 (Haverhill) M16 52:05
57th Cdt Harrison Bottomley RAFO 51 (Orton) M16 59:33
58th Cdt Elliot Murray RAFO 1406 (Spalding) M16 63:31
59th Cdt Jamie Francis RAFO 51 (Orton) M16 82:27
mp Cdt Alfie McKenna RAFO 2523 (LINTON) M16 15:32
mp Cdt Madison Barnes RAFO 2331 (ST IVES) W16 31:37
mp Cdt Robert Orton RAFO 2523 (LINTON) M16 31:39
mp Cdt Barbara Hoppe RAFO 10F (LUTON AIRPORT) W16 45:51
mp Cdt Dellijean Elevique RAFO 10F (LUTON AIRPORT) W16 53:52



1.68km 5 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Marcus Richardson NOR M6 41:19
Par Time 41:19 - all finishers



3.6km 20 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Iain Stemp WAOC M50 36:24
nc Luke Milano (2nd run) IND M21 38:06
2nd Kate Donovan IND W21 41:03
3rd Andy Gayford NOR M35 41:57
4th Helen Hague WAOC W45 45:30
5th Megan Bickle IND W21 50:14
6th Noreen Ives WAOC W60 50:27
7th Catherine Curtis WAOC W50 53:40
8th John Webb SUFFOC M80 53:53
9th Caroline Louth WAOC W55 53:56
10th Caitlin Dunning WAOC W16 54:02
11th Martin and Alasdair Brown SUFFOC M12 55:49
12th Michael Dudley WAOC M80 56:50
13th Gillian Pilgrim NOR W70 58:24
14th Andy Gass IND M65 58:26
15th David Pooley NOR M55 58:29
16th Barbara George NOR W80 61:08
Par Time 61:08 - 50% of starters
17th Peter Lund WAOC M55 61:43
18th Oliver Hague WAOC M18 62:36
19th Seonaid Dudley WAOC W75 68:14
20th Peter Bates IND M65 72:52
21st Lindsay Malone CUOC W21 77:04
22nd Sharon Warland SOS W50 77:44
23rd Hally Hardie WAOC M75 80:56
24th John Harvey NOR M75 83:14
25th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 83:15
26th Julie Price NOR W50 83:58
27th Aileen Butler SUFFOC W65 113:32
28th Carol Hill WAOC W60 126:27
mp John Rushmer NOR M65 72:57
mp Erica Fox WAOC W14 80:33
mp Sue Vine NOR W75 117:28